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Basic website to cover stats & 2 blogs, websites covering several subjects, thank God and be ready to carry on the work to bring heaven and peace to this Earth.

Penguin removed to make way for other project ideas, end of 2022.
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Mission statement & info as stat reports arrive
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Uksearch259 dot com is a mini post website.
Full of stuff we find of interest about dance, etc.
Information, posts & videos of dance, etc.
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Bognor259 dot com
Activities in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK
What is there to do when visiting our little seaside town?
Many attractions from the pier to other places, etc.
This web is only to point at these 2 blogs above.
These 2 blogs in turn point at other php sites.
And then those sites in turn point to here.
This is a good Web-Blog-Site circuit.

Project2022 Banner for Bognor259 B259 UK

Stats page of some websites.
How many visitors will we attract in Project2023 we wonder?
In 2021-2022 our sites attracted 465k & 610k web visitors, over a million in those 2 years, we believe make 2023 rock.

Updated 2nd Jan 2023 for tracking web & blogs of the 259 series.